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Climate change is one of the biggest threats today. PowerMarket, supported by the University of Oxford and European Space Agency Business Incubator, is on a mission to facilitate sustainable energy for all, creating energy independence.

The traditional energy model is based on centralised, large-scale electricity generation systems. The model is not only capital intensive, but also has high carbon emissions. To combat the threat of climate change, countries are increasingly switching to renewable electricity. However, at a national scale, most still focus on large-scale energy generation plants that require heavy capital investment.

Sustainable energy transition challenge is not only for governments and public sector institutions, but for all of us. PowerMarket’s objective is to help individuals and companies to cost effectively install decentralised renewable energy generation and battery storage, so that they can become increasingly energy independent and protect themselves from rising energy prices.

First few steps towards an energy revolution - PowerMarket’s pilot Satellite Assessment Tool (SAT) allows individuals and companies to assess their property’s solar feasibility within a few clicks, and for free.

Now you can use this information to find suppliers, finance and maintenance solutions fit for your need.


SunReign Ltd
3 West Way
Botley, Oxford OX2 0JB, UK


Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in technology, innovation and design.

Abhinav Jain

Abhinav Jain

MBA at Oxford, founded 2 successful solar start-ups, commissioned over 200MW solar plants.
Phil Worthington

Phil Worthington

Machine Learning and Satellite Imagery
M.Sc. Computer Science at Oxford, PhD and 15+ years experience in computer vision and machine learning.
Haem Roy

Haem Roy

Marketing and PR
B.A. English Literature, Sociology, Anthropology, Hindi at Xavier's College, 8+ years experience in marketing and advertising.
Laurent Tupin

Laurent Tupin

Infrastructure and Data Security
10+ years experience in web architecture and data security, AWS, ITIL and Prince 2 certified.

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