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PowerMarket’s mission is to facilitate sustainable energy for all. Our objectives are:

  1. Make it easy for customers to evaluate, procure, finance and maintain solar energy projects.
  2. Make it cheaper for installers to access qualified leads in their area.

Focus on your business and clients, PowerMarket will make sure you are never short of new projects.

Satellite based technology

PowerMarket inhouse technology uses downstream satellite data and artificial intelligence, to create a solar map, which allows customers to assess the payback and environmental impact of solar on their premises for free and within a few seconds. As a result, only interested customers sign-in on our platform, after assessing their premises. PowerMarket team then follows-up with those interested customers verifying their interest and only then shares it with the installer community.

Data-Driven Approach

As a registered installer, you can specify the geographical location and customer segment that you want to target.

We at PowerMarket rely on a proven data-driven approach to ensure customer-installer fit. Valuing customers’ and your time, PowerMarket team ensures that customer-installer fit is observed at every sign-up on its platform, substantially increasing your chances of closing a deal and improving your conversion rate.

As an installer registered on PowerMarket, you can now assess qualified leads in your area while reducing your customer acquisition cost.

The customer assesses its solar potential and signs-ups.

Solar specs and design created, using personalised data.

The customer receives quotes and financing options.

We provide support until project completion.

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